my gems and jewels

my gems and jewels
my gems and jewels

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Where has the time gone?

It is hard to believe it has been over six years since my last blog post...SIX years.  In my head I knew it had been a long time but somehow I hadn't imagined 6 years had passed.  A LOT has happened in 6 years... I stopped writing because life got in the way.  Honestly, life events happened that caused me to shut down for a time.  I was running on auto pilot for a while...just remembering to breathe.  I kept telling myself I would write again when I had more time for myself...but when does that happen? When the kids are all grown and gone?  When the sun is setting on a life well lived?  When I feel I can breathe again?  I decided recently that it was too long and I missed it.  I don't write for any other reason than to ramble to the future me.  The OCD in me is going to have a terrible time coming to terms with "lost" time.  Perhaps I will revisit certain events to expound on and memorialize.  But playing "catch up" is not the point.

If THIS Julie (2012) could tell THAT Julie (2019) something, what would it be?  I looked over the old posts and laughed at the innocence, my children were all small...and manageable.  None of my worst fears had even poked their heads out.  Life was easier, life was do-able.  While I took a break from THAT life, oh to have that life once again.  Actually, no, I am grateful for growth, hardships and difficult times that remind you of who you are and how very far you have come.  Darn growing pains!  I think I would remind her to treasure the moments.  I would encourage her to keep doing what she is doing.  I would cheer her on and tell her it isn't all for naught.  I would hug her and say her darkest days are only thunder clouds preparing her for the true storms ahead.  I would tell her the greatest joys are 2 years away while her next set of  greatest sorrows are yet to come.  As hard as it may feel going through the years of raising children, I think looking at the old posts made me more nostalgic than anything.  I was naive and oh so sure I had it figured out.

I'm returning to my blog as a seasoned, more qualified, wiser, (oh so much) more matured, and tested version of myself. Julie 2.0. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Linda...Princess Belle M&M

Aaron...Percy Jackson

Christopher...Minecraft Enderman

The Whole Gang

Our Halloween Mummy Dogs...didn't stay on the trays long
enough to add the cute little mustard eyes!

Say What?

I never realized how comical it probably looks to others when I say good bye to my children.  That is until it was brought to my attention by one of my sweet friends.  But then again, that's usually how I skip through my bubble of naivety and innocence.  I would have to say it comes from the genes.  Each morning that they head out the door and get ready to cross the street I can be heard calling, "I love you! Choose the right and remember who you are!"  Up to this point my children are oblivious to the fact that this is not "normal" and haven't seemed to mind one bit.  That's just who their mother is and it's what she does. 
I remember being told the same thing by my Mama when I headed out into the world every morning as a child and adolescent.  The only difference was we were more cheeky the older we got...we would follow the last part with "and don't let it get you down!"  My children have not reached that stage...yet.
I remember in high school my sister, Jenni, and I came up with a code for saying, "I love you" before parting in the halls.  It was two fist pumps, a shake to the left, a shake to the right and then a chest bump...did I get you?  I'm dying laughing here just because it is almost 1am and I crack myself up! No, we would say, "right eye".  NOW it sounds corny but back then being 2 of only a handful of LDS youth in the school, image was important and we didn't want to come off sounding "crazy" for saying we loved each other.  I only hope my own children have that same bond together.  I can't see Daniel and Christopher passing in the halls saying, "right eye, bro".  But I pray there is an underlying understanding of loyalty, camaraderie and love in whatever phrase they choose to use.
Those aren't the only things I have been known to shout out to my children. Here are a couple of other common Julie-isms (Mama-isms to my children)...and these are just a few.  (I will say the first part and they know what it means.)
  • ASAP!  (Always say a prayer)
  • OBEY!  (Only be an excellent you)
  • Always be where the Lord can find you.
  • Do  your best!
I have also been known to say,"Yes, Linda, but princesses need to wear skirts AND shirts," and "Aaron, you are not a grasshopper.  Sit right."  But we'll save those for another post...
Lucky for Christopher the middle school bus stop is right in front of our house!  Also lucky for him that I am usually chasing behind him scooting him out the door just in the nick of time...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Praying for the East Coast

I work the night shift out of choice. I have been with JetBlue long enough (almost 4 years) to have enough seniority in Spanish Reservations that I can choose my own shift. I do it so I don't miss out on the lives of my children. With that comes some sacrifices...mainly SLEEP!

But it is times like these, with the Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy barring down on the East Coast that lack of sleep is magnified 1000 times! We have been in Code Red since Sunday but with a very high call volume since Saturday. Code Red means mandatory overtime. Initially, overtime sounds great! Time and a half...extra money in the pay check...Christmas budget increases. Yesterday (Sunday) was a real whopper! I had picked up someone else's hours from 0000-0400 to help them out (weeks prior). slept for 4 hours and was awakened to Code Red. Worked another 6.5 hours, slept for 2 hours and then worked 2000-0700. Yes, that is right...11 hours straight. Where the lack of sleep become apparent during the long hours and nonstop calls, what truly amazes me..and leaves me dumbfounded...are some of the things the customers are saying!

"Thank you for calling JetBlue. My name is Julie. How can I help you?"

·         Yes, my flight from LAX to JFK for Monday was cancelled. Can you tell me why? (In my mind) HAVE YOU BEEN UNDER A ROCK? It is only the biggest storm in recent history...1000 miles across, thousands of flights cancelled, mass transit and NY airports shut down as of 7pm Sunday, evacuations in progress, major damage and disruptions expected for days to come...and you want to know why?

·         So, my flight was cancelled due to the storm. If I can't fly into JFK, look for a flight into LGA. "Sorry, ma'am, all flights in and out of the NE have been cancelled through Tuesday." Well, what about a flight into EWR? "That is also in the affected areas." What about Newburgh or White Plains? "Also in the NE, ma'am." Look at Bradley. (In my mind) GEOGRAPHY people! Where is the confusion? NE=all of the above

·         Just assisted a customer to rebook his outbound flight due to the storm and, as a courtesy, extended his stay the same number of days he lost on departure. "Now, who do I talk to about JetBlue paying for my hotel and living costs due to the inconvenience?" WHAT?!?!?!?

·         Calls holding for up to an hour, 1200 in queue waiting for assistance..."Can you please tell me the lowest fare for SDQJFK during the month of March?" You were on hold for a PRICE QUOTE?

·         Or the customers who want you to find them a flight with American Airlines. Right, since ONLY JetBlue is being affected by the closing of the airports and all that is involved with a hurricane and storm.

·         "I have been waiting on hold for over 30 minutes!" As if they are the only ones. Yes, you and about 1000 other customers. Sorry, just got back from my Diet Coke can I help you?

·         Or the ones after the queue has dropped and try to say they have been waiting for an hour and you can see the hold time is 7 minutes....hhhmmmmmmm.

·         What do you mean the flights are full until Friday?  Just take someone off Wednesday's flight and put me on!  NOT EVEN KIDDING…it happens.


·         Gotta love the automated system contacting people 24 hours before their flight to let them know their flight has been cancelled..oh, never mind they are being called at 3am!!! Try being on the other end of THAT call! I understand the importance of a timely notification...but 3am Monday morning for a flight departing 8pm Tuesday night? Not only are they mad their flight was cancelled (due to a historical storm/hurricane) but they were awoken at an unholy hour, too. NOT my favorite calls.


·         There are some lovely customers, too, though. The customers who start the call with a little humor by saying, "I know I am the first person you have talked to about their flight being cancelled due to the storm..."

·         Or the ones that are extremely grateful for ANY kind of assistance...

·         And definitely the ones that understand all that is involved with cancellations and then realigning the planes, crews and customers after everything is over and are willing to put their plans on hold or work around it.

When we lived in Virginia, we used to laugh when they cancelled school due to 2 inches of snow. NEVER would that happen in Utah! Now I understand why and more about infrastructure (?) wasn't the two inches of snow, but the massive traffic problems on the Belt Loop or the sheer numbers of people in the Metro area in times of emergency or need.

Praying for those on the East Coast and hoping Sandy goes easy on them...


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How the Years Have Flown By...

How did this...

become this so quickly?
Christopher turned 13 this week.  It makes me sad to see them grow up.  On to bigger and my boy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Linda Turns 4!

Our Beautiful Princesses!
We had a princess party for Linda's 4th birthday.  It was all she could think about for about a week!  (Soooo glad I didn't tell her any earlier since the questions and counting down were endless!)  Hooray for PRINCESSES!!!
Royal Trumpeters Christopher & Daniel with Royal Announcer Aaron!
for older brothers who were willing to provide EACH princess with her own trumpet salute and personal announcement upon arrival!
We had a tea party...finger sandwiches, chips and fruit juice with mini cupcakes!

The Beautiful Princess awaiting the dancing music...

 I can hardly believe this beautiful little princess was sent to us just 4 years ago.  The time has flown by and she is such a joy and treasure...mixed with a whole lot of diva.  Love her so very much!

Halloween Decor 2012

Our latest and GREATEST decorations for Halloween 2012!